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Interface headquarter in Milano, called Interface HUB. The building hosts all the corporate activities as well most of central and north Europe facility and construction ones.At the floor -1 is hosted the art start-up HUB/ART and its art gallery, with a private permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions.

Interface Facility Management had the foresight to fill the gap between a luxury and high end brands, and the world of facility management services, offering a service – focussed on retails, shops, offices, restaurants and working spaces – totally flexible and tailor made on the needs and habits of the Client. Interface main virtue and core value is to serve its operations without interfering Client’s ones in a seamless partnership. Interface in fact doesn’t impose its procedures and standards to start and maintain its services, but adapts on Client’s habits and business flow to integrate without effort in everyday life.

Interface offers a specialised workforce which is solely in-house: it doesn’t subcontracts to anyone, having so the full control of operations, materials, expenses and results. This optimizes the business both in terms of efficiency, time consumption and finances.

Interface is not only a business: it’s an ecosystem of initiatives, projects and ideas. This widens the view on how it operates, enhances results while attract interests in various fields: but this is not enough. GAG London has here its main role, which brought Interface from a local business to an international services network: GAG London played the role of the synapse, wiring Interface in an international net of partners, clients and suppliers.

what we did?

+32% income and +48% clients in 10 years

GAG London created the conditions to develop an international network of companies – Interface FM Europe Network – which allowed Interface Facility Management srl to expand from the italian territory to most of EMEA countries, acquiring clients in Fortune 500 list and among the most famous brand of fashion, luxury and retail.

Interface FM Europe Network’s societies, excluding the italian company, have after just three years a yearly revenue of circa 30% of the italian one, aiming to reach the 100% in two years and the 100% each in 10 years.