HUB/ART is an exhibition space located in Milan and dedicated to contemporary artistic research. It is at the same time a platform for consulting and planning exhibition events, each time designed and implemented to facilitate the conscious approach to contemporary art, to encourage the use of works of art (and their marketing), to enhance places that host them.

HUB/ART is an independent observatory dedicated to the multiple languages of contemporary art which, besides being an art gallery, is a research and dissemination platform on art and design, which deals with:

  • Ideation of the exhibition projects
  • Design and realization
  • Operational phase organization
  • Scientific organization
  • Legal assitance
  • Communication
what we did?

We helped Interface HUB/ART to evolve in “just” HUB/ART: supporting it with its activities in organizing and connecting the art exhibitions and events with partners, visitors and sponsors, both in Milan’s gallery space and Europe, creating so the conditions to flourish freestanding as spin-off of Interface.



Since summer 2017 we helped HUB/ART organize successfully art exhibitions, live performances, and events both in Italy’s venue and in other european countries.



GAG London connected HUB/ART with more than 12 thousands of people from all Europe thanks to its outstanding network of acquaintances, partners and contacts.


People reach

Thanks to the GAG communication and connections skills, we helped HUB/ART to reach 0.25 M unique views on combined platforms of website, Facebook and Instagram.

GAG London helped HUB/ART to connect with several artists and authors and organize art exhibitions and events from the ground up, not only managing the organizational phase but developing a communication program, designing the exhibition catalogs and video/photo of the events both in the HUB/ART Gallery and internationally.

From H/A’s foundation to the first semester 2019, GAG assisted to give life to: Art & Fashion Facility / Barcelona, an event where business and art meet to create new connections and partnerships (which will have its second edition in Paris in late 2019); architAMORfosi / Matteo Galvano; Poveri Noi / Valentina Tamborra e Monica Triglia; Geometric Abstraction / Emilio Cavallini; Linee in parallasse / Paolo di Rosa; Virtus Dormitiva / Alfredo Luis Ramirez; _In Extremis / Sandro Giordano; Il Testimone Conteso / Elio e Mary; Verba Volant, Design Manent / Milano Design Week; Riverun / Attilio Terragni; a new exhibition is planned for the Milano Fall Design Week 2019.

In September 2019 HUB/ART has been estabilished as limited company: Hub Art Exhibition ltd, with its offices in London.

HUB/ART has been featured on:

Il Corriere della Sera
La Repubblica
Interni Magazine
Comune di Milano
Turismo Milano
Art Special Day
The Fashionable Lampoon

Hestetika Magazine
Il Messaggero
Il Giornale
Famiglia Cristiana
XIBT contemporary art magazine
Juliet Art Magazine
… and more.